Treatment of strabismus

With the treatment of strabismus say goodbye to the squinting or slipping eye!

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Strabismus is the absence of parallelism between the two eyes. There are six eye muscles in each eye. Lack of strength or excess in one or more of these causes the eyes to slide. Since there are two different images in the brain when the eye shift occurs, the brain will suppress the image from the floating eye, which will cause a feeling of depth and decrease in the vision provided by both eyes. In adults, double vision arises because the removal of vision from the floating eye can no longer be performed.

Early diagnosis of strabismus is very important for effective treatment. The strabismus exam can be done for children at any age. However, it is beneficial for children under the age of 4 to have the eye exam. Late in the eclipse there is permanent aphasia as well as aesthetic issues that will last a lifetime.

Types of strabismus: Strabismus is named according to the directions of the eyes:

  • Strabismus upwards (Hypertropia)
  • Downward strabismus (hypotropia)
  • Internal squint (Esotropia)
  • External strabismus (exotropia)


Causes of Stabism:
It is not clear exactly how the wonder materializes. The movement of the eyes is carried to the fountain by 6 muscles. These muscles move the eyes right, left, up and down. These muscles should work in harmony. Since we cannot follow any moving object with our eyes, all of these muscles have to contract so that the object shields the angle made by our eyes. The contraction of these muscles is controlled by our brain.

Methods of treatment of strabismus
Glasses: Certain types of strabismus occur due to visual impairment. Straightness is improved after the patient begins to use glasses.

Closure Therapy: This method of treatment is applied when the patient has lazy eye.

Orthopedic treatment: This treatment consists of exercises aimed at acquiring a feeling of depth and a sense of sight in both eyes.

Botox treatment: When the muscle inside causing the slippery injection of botulinum toxin in the parallel of the eyes are expected, the effect is about 6 months, and more the preferred treatment method in special cases such as strabismus due to nerve palsy.

Surgery: Strabismus surgery is most often performed on the muscles on the outside of the sock. The strength of each muscle using a variety of techniques to ensure parallelism between the correction of strabismus and the eyes is increased, reduced, or areas of the muscle are changed.

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