Breast Aesthetics

Considered a symbol of femininity, the breast, taken into account from an aesthetic point of view, is one of the most important aspects of aesthetic completeness.

Esthétique Mammaire

Considered a symbol of femininity, the breast, taken into account from an aesthetic point of view, is one of the most important aspects of aesthetic completeness.

However, they may not always be the size or shape you want. Breasts that are disproportionate in size to the rest of the body due to various genetic and developmental reasons adversely affect the psychology and standard of living of women. It is possible that your breasts will reach what you consider normal with several types of procedures. These are:

  • Mammal augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast lift

One of the most important aspects of a woman’s beauty is a plump, normal size and the right size breasts. Breasts that are larger, smaller, or sagged due to structural or genetic factors can cause psychological problems that reduce a person's quality of life.

Cosmetic breast operations are aimed at removing unwanted changes and modifying breast tissue to give it the desired shape. Sometimes the loss of shape of the breasts can cause the nipples to enlarge. In such situations, the nipples are reduced during the operation. Cosmetic breast operations are a very pleasant experience for many women. Aesthetic breast operations are easily performed on women of all ages using innovative and modern techniques that do not leave scars. Healing occurs soon after the procedure and the new size and shape of the breasts lasts for many years. In the United States, approximately 600,000 cases of breast enlargement, reduction and lift procedures are performed each year.

Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer after skin cancer in women. According to data from the American Cancer Society, 1.3 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year and 465,000 people die from it. Fortunately, the number of deaths from breast cancer is gradually decreasing thanks to an increased number of early diagnoses and an increase in the lifespan of patients. Therefore, improving the quality of life of patients following cancer treatment is gaining in importance. The loss of one or both breasts negatively affects patients physically, socially and mentally. Here, breast reconstruction improves the quality of life and ensures the mental and physical recovery of the patient. Today, breast reconstruction is accepted as a normal part of cancer treatment.

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