Corona Virus Information

As you know the coronavirus pandemic is causing a lot of worry around the world. Many people cancel or postpone travel plans for fear of being contaminated or because they don't have enough information.

Corona Virus Information

As you know the coronavirus pandemic is causing a lot of worry around the world. Many people cancel or postpone travel plans for fear of being contaminated or because they don't have enough information.

a series of questions often come back to us by patients:
What are the measures of Corona Virus in Turkey?

Can we travel to Turkey?
Are there any reported cases of coronavirus in Turkey?
Can I contract the virus during a hair transplant in Turkey?
What are the hygiene standards in Turkey?

In this blog you will find all the necessary information related to Corona Virus.

What are the preventive measures?

Here is the list communicated by the WHO (World Health Organization) for instructions to avoid contamination by the virus:

- Wash one's hands
-Cough or sneeze into his elbow and use disposable tissues
-Keep a minimum distance between people
- Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Be sure to inform yourself about the rules and advice from health authorities as well as any restrictions and safety instructions.
Fake news can easily be spread in the media and in particular on social networks or the internet.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey now?

Turkey is a country that has recorded very few cases of Coronavirus.
Moreover, Turkey has been congratulated by the WHO for having taken the coronavirus situation seriously from the start by placing strict measures to avoid the virus. Turkey is stricter than European countries.
From the start of the contamination, Turkey made thermal cameras and quarantine rooms available at airports and borders with medical staff to stabilize the situation. Recognized as the main destination for medical tourism, for its professionalism and experience in the field. Turkey has become a benchmark in the world for measures to prevent contamination of the virus.

Turkey has pioneered its own test that detracts from SARS-CoV-2 almost 12 times faster than a standard test.

-Is there a risk of COVID-19 contamination if I perform an intervention in Turkey?

In Turkey at Estbody, hygiene rules and protocols are the most important points and well before the pandemic!
Estbody is made up of an experienced medical team perfectly familiar with the rules of hygiene and prevention.
Estbody has international quality and safety certificates provided by the Joint International Commission (JCI) and ISO protocols. These certificates guarantee that our medical profession has the knowledge on the necessary precautions in order to carry out operations in a sterile and hygienic environment, whether during the consultation until the operation.
Our team is made up of experienced and qualified personnel with the necessary skills to manage any incident. All procedures are carried out in a sterile operating room, the patient and medical staff wear surgical masks, medical intervention instruments are disinfected and stored in special containers.
You can trust Estbody because she guarantees that everything will run in the healthiest and cleanest conditions knowing the current conditions.
Since the start of the pandemic, hundreds of people have come to make their interventions and everything has gone under the best conditions.

Resumption of flights to Turkey

Finally after several months of crisis and border closures around the world due to Covid-19, the gradual reopening of borders has made it possible to welcome our international clients for their medical and aesthetic care in Istanbul.
Obviously the virus is still present and we must now learn to live with a mask, which is mandatory in public spaces, in all circumstances.
Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines have resumed their international and domestic routes. Strict rules of distancing and hygiene are in place, upon boarding, in the cabin and upon arrival at Istanbul / Sabiha Gokçen International Airport.

Drastic hygiene measures

The government has imposed mandatory measures, from the point of view of hygiene and sanitary rules which are followed methodically and with discipline by citizens and businesses, with the aim of minimizing the spread and transmission of the virus. Estbody follows hygiene protocols to the letter!
Wearing a mask is mandatory, disinfectant gel dispensing terminals have been installed and of course the temperature of customers is systematically checked upon entering.
At Estethica, as soon as you arrive at the hospital, a Covid-19 test is mandatory.
Our hotels are “PPI Covid-Free” certified by the Ministries of Health and Tourism.
Our hospitals are thoroughly disinfected every day, thermal cameras have been installed and we are taking

on the grafts. After 7 to 10 days, the implanted grafts will fall out with the scabs. Around the third month, the hairs start to grow. The result of the beard transplant is visible from six months, it is final after one year. The hairs of the beard are denser and better distributed. Their design is regular and suits the patient's physiognomy. With Estbody, according to the wishes of each patient, it is possible to change your look by playing on the shape or the length.

An experienced team

Estbody Clinic in Turkey specializes in beard transplants that meet all international standards. Thousands of surgeries and treatments have been carried out successfully, which forms the basis of Estbody's international reputation. The clinic practices more than reasonable pricing and experiments with highly reliable interventions. Known throughout the world for its beard transplants, the Estbody Clinic provides services that fully meet the individual needs of each patient. Estbody ensures the comfort, safety and care of its customers.

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