Leader in Hair Transplant in Turkey

We support you in your project of carrying out your hair transplant in Turkey by offering you the best possible experience. From decision-making to the final result, you receive personalized follow-up to guarantee you the best result.

A team of selected experts

Estbody brings together a qualified international team. The team of advisers, in direct contact with the experts, offers you a personalized remote diagnosis. The selected professionals will examine your case in order to obtain the best possible result.

The medical team operates using specific techniques and high-tech materials. With almost 17 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey, you will be in good hands.

Estbody takes care of her patients by providing comprehensive care. It is natural that your medical assistant will follow you until you get the final result.

The most attractive offers with a standard of care comparable to Europe are negotiated by the team for you.

The most attractive offers with a standard of care comparable to Europe are negotiated by the team for you.

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An excellent satisfaction rate

Thanks to your confidence over the past few years. today we are the leader in hair transplants market with an excellent satisfaction rate of 4.8 * on Trustpilot

Your hair transplant in Turkey with Estbody with confidence

An excellent satisfaction rate
  • Personalized advice, a tailor-made offer

    We will understand exactly what you need and what is possible to do according to your case. Our consulting team will guide you.

  • A team of experts to take care of you

    Upon your arrival in Istanbul you will be taken care of by professionals who are experts in the field of hair transplantation. The best teams are waiting for you in Istanbul for your intervention.

  • Permanent medical monitoring

    Our postoperative follow-up team guides you through each step of the process. You are contacted regularly to take stock of the progress of your hair transplant. We're here for you!

Results of our patients

See some results from our recent patients




Following your request for hair implant transplant information and after studying your file, Esthappy offers you a detailed estimate and then takes care of your reservations



Your driver will be waiting for you at the airport to take you to your hotel. The team of experts awaits you at the clinic for the consultation prior to the hair transplant.



You stay in touch with the clinic and our team for any post-operative questions. We are contacting you to ensure progress. After a few months we will invite you to share your experience.

A standard to European standards

Estbody has selected the best experience for you.

Estbody adopts and respects a quality charter. In order to provide the best care, its teams carried out comprehensive audits in Istanbul clinics and hospitals and was able to constitute a selection of establishments.

Only the establishments visited, checked and meeting our quality criteria were listed. Our verification extends to practitioners whose references, accreditations and certifications we ensure.

The Estbody team and its partner clinics have the same priority: patient satisfaction. After numerous audits carried out in Istanbul clinics, Estbody certifies that the quality is comparable to the best European clinics in a 4 or 5 * setting. The cleanliness, the comfort, the modernization of the equipment used, the quality of the professional team make its clinics a unique choice in Turkey and in the world.

The activities of its clinics are approved by the Turkish Government. They also have ISO9001 and TUV certifications which are the main quality labels in Europe.

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