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What is cataract?
Cataracts, known as "senile disease" or "eye disease" are discomfort affecting eyesight and quality of life. Cataract is a disease that is found inside the eye and results in reduced vision due to the loss of clarity of the lens (lens) that provides vision. The blunting of the ocular lens makes the person appear to be looking behind misted glass. Cataracts occur at 90% of age. Although less noticeable, cataracts can occur due to trauma, certain systemic illnesses, eye infections, and the use of certain medications like cortisone.


What are the indications for cataracts?
If you have the following symptoms and complaints, contact the cataract surgeon:

  • Slight decline in vision
  • Uncertain and blurred vision
  • Double vision
  • Breathe or devour in color
  • Deterioration of night vision
  • Frequent change in the number of drinks
  • Loss of sense of depth
  • Eye fatigue and headaches
  • Sensitivity to light (glare)

How is cataract treated?
Cataracts are not drug treatment and the only treatment is surgery. Surgery is scheduled for every person diagnosed with a cataract. The earlier a cataract is diagnosed and the sooner the operation is performed, the better the chances of the surgery being successful. Hardened and mature cataracts can be more difficult and it may take longer to heal than others.

Phacoemulsification (PHACO): The preferred surgical method in the treatment of cataracts is phacoemulsification known as PHACO. It is a surgical procedure which does not require sewing unlike conventional operations and is also known as "laser or seamless surgery". Before the operation the transparency of the cornea, the structure of the cataract, the position of the lens, the width of the eye and the condition of the retina are examined in detail and the operation is planned in the obtained data.

The stages of the PHACO operation applied through a special device are:

1) Remove the cataract lens
In the cornea, which is the outermost layer of the eye, a surgical incision smaller than 3mm is made. The cataract lens is affected and this lens is absorbed by liquefying it with ultrasonic waves emitting light.

2) Placement of intraocular lens
A new artificial lens specially adapted for folding is placed in place of the cataract lens. The lens is placed in the eye through a previously used 3mm surgical incision, then the body becomes normal with body heat.

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